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TOO LATE TO DANCE is just one of those songs that draw an automatic smile, with Bob Dylan/Leonard Cohen type charm Dean Scott Crimmins is exactly what we’re so sorely lacking in the contemporary Pop arena. His sound is euphorically timeless, not riddled with complexity, just a sweet and humble quintessence that holds a reminiscence to so many Pop & Alt Rock icons it’s pretty uncanny. The New York based Singer Songwriter Dean Scott Crimmins holds the track pretty well on his own with his almost Nick Cave-esque lyrics and vocal style, yet for TOO LATE TO DANCE he drafted in female angelic vocal talent to really make this track into a harmonious, rhythm soaked wonder. Even at 5:51 minutes long, I was still left with a craving for more of the Pop lotharios pioneeringly nostalgic sound. Luckily for me, he has a hefty back catalogue to sink my teeth into.

— Amelia Vandergast for top 10 UK Blog A&R FACTORY


Great vocal performances and sound, love it! The orchestral writing is very cool and unique in this day and age. All the mixes, everything is placed so well. These tracks sound so great! Very, very cool!!! Great job!

Shawn Pelton, drummer of “SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE" Show


Really fun upbeat song. The writing is good and the production is strong. Really like the catchy melodies, the beat has a good energy and the backing vocals work really well. All the instrumentation and vocals have a strong performance and are well captured in the recording. Way to go!